1.      Effective participation of victims and witnesses in the Criminal Justice
processes facilitated.

2.      Guidelines   for   witness   protection   and   victim   empowerment   designed,
promoted, enforced and monitored.

3.      Witnesses and victims sensitized on their roles and expectations in the
Criminal Justice system.

4.      Staff  of  the  Office  of  the  OPP  guided  on  how  to  handle  witnesses  and
victims, including being  respectful,  courteous,  encouraging  and  friendly  to

5.      Victims of crime, female, young and vulnerable witnesses supported.

6.      Victims and witnesses' safety and other concerns impacting their role in the
Criminal Justice process determined and addressed.

7.      Measures  to  support  vulnerable  victims  of crime  and  witnesses  designed,
recommended, promoted and implemented,

8.      Clear communication channels with victims and witnesses, prior to, during,
and after trial, developed and maintained.

9.      Common understanding of victims’ empowerment and referral mechanism
among Criminal Justice agencies developed.

10.  Witnesses facing eminent risk protected.

11.  Witnesses'    risk    assessment    carried    out    and    necessary    measures

12.  Relevant   permissions   and   orders   on   witness   protection   obtained   and

Vision And Mission


 “A crime free society”.


 “To manage and prosecute criminal cases in courts of judicature in order to reduce the rate of crime in the country”.

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