The Department of Inspections and Quality Assurance falls under the Directorate of Inspections, Quality Assurance, Research and Training.


This department’s main functions are; developing, enforcing, monitoring and assessing the institution’s ethical and professional codes of conduct in line with established international standards, monitoring and assessing implementation of performance standards, undertaking inspections, preparing and submitting inspection reports, and seeking action thereon, reviewing procedures that lead to delay in prosecution of cases, investigating public complaints against staff, and inspecting and implementing quality assurance over delegated prosecutors.


Routine inspections of ODPP stations and prosecution agencies with a delegated prosecutorial role all over the country are carried out by this department. The aim of the inspections is among others to monitor and evaluate the performance of staff, assess the working environment and its suitability for performance of staff, guide staff where there is need to improve on performance and meet stakeholders in the criminal justice system in order to get their feedback on staff performance. The department also conducts quality assurance with the view of creating cost efficiency.


The department is headed by Ms. Winfred Ahimbisibwe – Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions.



Vision And Mission


 “A crime free society”.


 “To manage and prosecute criminal cases in courts of judicature in order to reduce the rate of crime in the country”.

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