The Key Functions of Inspections and Quality Assurance are:

  1. To initiate, examine, develop and ensure the introduction, adoption and enforcement of performance standards, measures, systems and practices which promote the efficient and effective management of public prosecutions and fair administration of justice;
  2. To inspect and assess the performance standards of State Prosecutors and Attorneys and the extent to which other Agencies are conforming to performance standards, identify meritorious and /or poor performance and recommend reward or remedial actions to relevant authorities as the case may be;
  3. To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and quality of public prosecutions so as to determine and provide the appropriate guidance and technical support for achieving and enhancing performance targets in the public prosecutions;
  4. To identify performance bottlenecks and other impediments to the timely, successful, logical and fair conclusion of public prosecutions and advise on possible solutions to the relevant authorities;
  5. To prepare or cause preparation of timely, accurate and quality reports of each inspection with recommendations for improvements, corrections or other appropriate actions;
  6. To re-examine specific laws and in consultation with others, identify omissions and deficiencies in order to recommend changes to existing laws or creation of new laws by the relevant authorities so as to bring such laws into conformity with changing environment and demands for the fair administration of justice.
  7. To provide case specific research in support of prosecution work;
  8. To identify gaps in the legal materials in our libraries and recommend remedial measures; 
  9. To identify training needs and coordinate on job training of DPP staff; and
  10. To initiate, develop, ensure implementation and review whenever necessary the policy and ethical code of conduct in public prosecutions.



Vision And Mission


 “A crime free society”.


 “To handle and prosecute criminal cases in a just, effective and efficient manner”.

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