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Plea bargaining experts visit the Directorate

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Plea bargaining experts visit the Directorate for follow up discussions on the project:

The office of the DPP hosted experts from Pepperdine University on Wednesday, 8th of July 2015 at 2.30 p.m. for a follow up discussion with State Attorneys on the use of plea bargaining in the criminal justice system.

The Experts led by Professor Jim Gash, fielded questions from the Attorneys regarding various aspects of the plea bargaining pilot project that is under implementation by the Judiciary and in which the Directorate is an active player.

Some of the issues discussed related to the use of plea bargaining as an investigative tool, how the prosecutors can incorporate the aspect of compensation within the plea agreements and the role of the prosecutors as representatives of the victims of crime.

The meeting was a follow up to the 1st plea bargaining conference that was held the previous day at Imperial Royale Hotel. Visit the JLOS Website on for further information on this.

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