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Under the theme “Strategies for Addressing Changing Crime Trends

 (Hon Minister Speech)

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the colloquium for prosecutors and members of the senior administration staff in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

I commend the organizers, both from the ODPP and the United States Department of Justice for facilitating the coming together of the staff, not only to share experiences but also to acquire knowledge from a host of speakers with whom we share the quest for justice.

The theme of the colloquium is “Strategies for Addressing Changing Crime Trends”. This theme could not be more apt given the ever evolving nature of crime in an information age facilitated by rapid advancement of technology.

The several challenges emanating therefrom call for a concerted effort from all stakeholders to address the emerging and ever evolving threat of crime both organized and ordinary. This can be achieved by transfer of knowledge through sharing ideas, experiences, observations and concerns among others. The overall objective being to enhance Criminal Justice delivery in Uganda. This colloquium contributes to achievement of that objective.

A robust justice system is the bedrock for economic development and transformation. The economy cannot thrive if citizens and investors have no confidence in the rule of law and the important protection from lawlessness accorded by an effective and efficient justice system. The government objectives regarding administration of justice are:-

1.     To improve the legal, policy and regulatory environment to make it conducive for doing business to create wealth and employment. This is to be done through interventions such as strengthening the independence of the ODPP to administer Criminal Justice.

2.     To enhance access to JLOS services particularly for vulnerable persons, by developing JLOS infrastructure to facilitate service delivery as well as empowering the citizenry to demand and access JLOS services.

3.      To promote accountability and observance of human rights so as to increase public confidence in and satisfaction with the administration of justice.   

The fight against terrorism and transnational organized is particularly important to ensure a conducive investment environment to spur economic growth. The government recognizes that if not effectively combatted, lawlessness could severely compromise all other development goals including economic growth and thus hamper our vision to transform the Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years.

Yet today, some of the greatest challenges posed to our country arise from terrorism and transnational organized crime. From trafficking in persons to drug trafficking, illicit trade in wildlife antiquities, child pornography and international money laundering, recent advancements in transportation aided by porous borders in the region have greatly aided the escalation of transnational crimes in the region and Uganda.

It is therefore incumbent upon all institutions in the Justice, Law and Order fraternity to stand up to the task and ensure that law and order are enforced. The office of the DPP is an important stakeholder in this process. I am however cognizant of the fact that administration of Criminal Justice is not a preserve of the ODPP and the contribution by all the other institutions in the Justice Law and Order Sector as well as the development partners is highly commended.

In this endeavor, regional and international cooperation is inevitable for the world is now but one large global village intricately interconnected by communication technology, trade and commerce and an efficient transportation system. Luckily for Uganda, we have strived to achieve and maintain cordial relations with our neighbors in the region and internationally. We value the partnerships and support of our neighbors in the region and internationally to stamp out the ever transforming scourge of transnational crime and terrorism. Through arrangements for mutual legal and administrative assistance, we have successfully denied criminals a safe haven in our country and our region.  The government encourages and supports more robust commitments for cooperation in criminal matters internationally and within the region.

I want to assure the ODPP of the commitment and support of the government and my ministry to ensure that you are adequately facilitated to fully discharge the constitutional mandate of your office. Nevertheless, administration of justice is an expensive venture which the Government of Uganda cannot undertake alone, given its several and equally competing priorities amidst limited resources. I therefore on behalf of the government wish to extend our gratitude to the United States Department of Justice for their continued financial support to the ODPP.  

I want to thank the resource persons with whom you are going to share a wealth of knowledge and expertise and it is my sincere hope that the discussions held here for the next three days will further the fight for justice, in a bid to create a crime free society.

I would like to thank you all for your service to your country, and I call upon each and every one of you to soldier on, especially those charged with prosecuting cases of terrorism and other trans-national crimes. Thank you all for coming to be a part of it, and now is the opportune time to declare this colloquium open.

I thank you all.

For God and My Country




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