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Today the 29th of April 2021, the Office of the DPP with support from JLOS are hosting their quarterly ODPP - CID coordination meeting at Hotel Africana.


The main agenda of the meeting is to assess the role of the ODPP and UPF in managing electoral offences that emanated from the previous elections of January 2021.


The meeting was attended by Top & Senior Management of ODPP headed by Justice Jane Frances Abodo, Officers from the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) headed by AIGP Grace Akullo, Representatives from UPDF headed by General Henry Masiko and the Chief Executive Officer from Uganda Law Society (ULS).


The ODPP/CID coordination meetings are usually a self reflection of the currently prevailing issues in society and the engagement enables the actors to take stock and pave the way forward in upholding the rule of law.


In her presentation, the Asst. DPP Ms. Barbara Kawuma stated that the Electoral offences unit in the ODPP was set up in August 2021 to specifically handle the electoral process of January 2021. She noted that the unit has so far as of March 2021 registered over 350 cases, where majority are on further inquiries.


In his presentation D/SSP Moses Taremwa from UPF articulated the numerous challenges faced by the Force during the election process such as lack of human resource to man all the political centers. Lack of protective gear for the police officers who were usually attacked by civilians and wrong elements while carrying out their mandate of maintaining law and order in communities.


 The CEO of ULS Mr. Moses Okwalinga noted that as ULS they are concerned about the selective prosecution of opposition members visa vie the ruling party. ULS further noted that the media was awash with stories and scenes of security agencies mating violence on civilians and members of the public. The Society pledged to work together with other stakeholders in promoting civic education in preparation of the next elections.


The meeting resolved to open the lines of communication and have more engagements with all stakeholders in order to make the electoral process smooth.






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