The Directorate of Inspections, Quality Assurance, Research and Training is one of the four directorates in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. It is mandated to do the following:

  1. Initiate, examine, develop and ensure the introduction, adoption and enforcement of performance standards, measures, systems and practices which promote the efficient and effective management of public prosecutions and fair administration of justice.
  2. Inspect and assess the performance standards of State Prosecutors and Attorneys and the extent to which other agencies are conforming to performance standards, identify meritorious and/or poor performance and recommend reward or remedial actions to relevant authorities as the case may be.
  3. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and quality of public prosecutions so as to determine and provide the appropriate guidance and technical support for achieving and enhancing performance targets in public prosecutions.
  4. Identify performance bottlenecks and other impediments to the timely, successful, logical and fair conclusion of public prosecutions and advise on possible solutions to relevant authorities.
  5. Prepare or cause preparation of timely, accurate and quality reports of each inspection with recommendations for improvements, corrections or other appropriate actions.
  6. Review specific laws and in consultation with others, identify omissions and deficiencies in order to recommend changes to existing laws or creation of new laws by relevant authorities so as to bring such laws into conformity with the changing environment and demands for the fair administration of justice.
  7. Provide case specific research in support of prosecution work.
  8. Identify gaps in legal materials in legal office libraries and recommend remedial measures.
  9. Identifying training needs and coordinating on job training of ODPP staff.

10.Initiate, develop, and ensure implementation and review of the policies and ethical code of conduct in public prosecutions.

The Directorate of Inspections, Quality Assurance, Research and Training comprises the Department of Inspections and Quality Assurance and Department of Research and Training.

The directorate is headed by Mr. George William Byansi – Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions.


The Department of Inspections and Quality Assurance falls under the Directorate of Inspections, Quality Assurance, Research and Training.

This department’s main functions are; developing, enforcing, monitoring and assessing the institution’s ethical and professional codes of conduct in line with established international standards, monitoring and assessing implementation of performance standards, undertaking inspections, preparing and submitting inspection reports, and seeking action thereon, reviewing procedures that lead to delay in prosecution of cases, investigating public complaints against staff, and inspecting and implementing quality assurance over delegated prosecutors.

Routine inspections of ODPP stations and prosecution agencies with a delegated prosecutorial role all over the country are carried out by this department. The aim of the inspections is among others to monitor and evaluate the performance of staff, assess the working environment and its suitability for performance of staff, guide staff where there is need to improve on performance and meet stakeholders in the criminal justice system in order to get their feedback on staff performance. The department also conducts quality assurance with the view of creating cost efficiency.

The department is headed by Ms. Winfred Ahimbisibwe – Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions.


The Department of Research and Training is under the Directorate of Inspections, Quality Assurance, Research and Training.

It undertakes staff capacity enhancement and engages in research that supports ODPP operations given that training and research are an imperative part of prosecutorial growth. Through training, the department fosters critical thinking and analytical skills of prosecutors. Training is an antidote, and by it, Prosecutors are able to make legally proficient submissions. Furthermore, through training and research, the credibility of prosecutors is enhanced within the legal sector.

The department conducts legal research, research on crime trends and best practices. It collects and analyzes data on reported cases. It further carries out surveys to establish public perception on service delivery by the ODPP.

The department is headed by Mr. Badru Mulindwa – Principal Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions.